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Andorra. Strategic location.

Where we are & what we do

Andorra has opted for standardization with Europe, but modulating certain distinctive features that not only make us more competitive in the services we offer, particularly in trade and tourism, but also enable us to become one of the most attractive jurisdictions in Europe with respect to the development of investment projects and business initiatives worldwide.

Our new economic model, based on the liberalization of foreign investment, provides a host of international strategic opportunities at both corporate and individual levels, which complemented by a competitive tax framework and exceptional living conditions which will certainly fulfill all expectations.

Within this context of changes there are also great opportunities for those Andorran entrepreneurs that wish to expand their horizons. The new fiscal framework, which not only has permitted Andorra to cease being considered a tax haven but has also created great expectations resulting from the impending double taxation agreements (DTA), opens the path to other jurisdictions where we have set our future goals.

In summary, the particular and attractive fiscal advantages of our jurisdiction, integrated in an international context, becomes an opportunity of growth, optimization and expansion for companies with a clear international vocation.

Andorra. Quality of life.

The manner of life wellness

  • High living standards.

    Privileged position in terms of income per capita: 47.314 U.S. USD in 2010, beating Spain (29.863 USD), France (42.503 USD), Germany (46.269 USD) or Italy (35.926 USD). It also exceeds the average of OECD countries (44.490 USD) and the European Union (35.551 USD). Andorra is surpassed by countries such as Luxembourg (110.697 USD), Switzerland (84.815 USD) or the U.S. (53.042 USD).

  • Proximity.

    One of the great virtues of Andorra is its limited territory. Proximity helps to solve most issues that excessive bureaucracy tends to complicate.

  • Natural environment.

    Andorra has a protected environment and incomparable natural surroundings.

  • Education.

    Andorra has three educational systems which are of both high quality and free of charge, as well as a choice of private education and other specialised branches.

  • Technology.

    Andorra is an innovative country, pioneer in the field of technology. The digital switchover has occurred and UMTS coverage too. Andorra has fiber optic in 100% of the territory.

  • Cultural activities.

    National Auditorium, Congress Centre, events and festivals of all kinds.

  • Low pricing.

    LLow taxation allows the cost of living to be lower than in most European countries, therefore our future citizens, investors and their families will enjoy lower prices for most products and services which makes them much more competitive than prices in their home countries.

  • Stability and security.

    Andorra is a socially stable country with high security. The crime rate is one of the lowest in the world.

  • Communications.

    Andorra is in the process of rethinking and improving communication routes that will make it much more accessible by land and air.

  • Health.

    The public health services are of excellent quality and allows through International agreements to benefit from health care abroad.

  • Recreational and sports facilities.

    Andorra has ski resorts, sports facilities for high-level sport practice and skill improving centres, spas and areas for extreme, adventure and mountain sports.

Imminent structural changes.

All these social and legislative changes involve a number of structural changes that have already begun to develop: