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About us
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"Your partner in Andorra"

Augé Grup is a lawyer and consultant firm strategically located in Andorra, a small country in the south of the Pyrenees between France and Spain. It was founded by Pere Augé (LINK) in 1.999 and it specializes in corporate, finance and tax areas as well as in family office, immigration and relocation matters.

Augé Grup provides its services in a parallel manner to the development and changes of its country. Therefore, to understand the reality of Augé Group one has to identify the reality and the evolution process of Andorra in an international context.

In order to adapt to its international surroundings, Andorra has changed and standardized its tax framework, acquiring the transparency required to fit within the European model.

The recent changes to the economic and tax framework, including the new and very competitive direct taxation regime and the 100% liberalization of foreign investments, have provided Andorra with the new resources required to become a country of great quality and future.

Important companies of different and varied economy sectors have already chosen Andorra as their strategic headquarters for purposes such as international trading, intragroup financing, operating intangible assets or holding entities, amongst others, taking advantage of the differential features of the Andorran jurisdiction.

Individuals can also benefit from the recent changes in the country’s economic model. There are great advantages for both types of individuals that decide to come and live in Andorra, those that work (active residency) and those that don’t (referred to as non-profit individuals); the country’s direct taxation is low, it offers the highest ratios of solvency and liquidity in Europe, it is the fourth country in the world with the highest index of longevity and has an exceptional quality of life ranking number 12 in the world as per the International Living index, and its crime rate is one of the lowest in the world. It also offers a high-quality, free education system, with a choice between the Andorran, French or Spanish education system, it counts on excellent health services and healthcare system and offers great leisure, cultural and well-being activities- All within incomparable natural surroundings.

Further to all these competitive advantages, the standardized new tax framework has preserved certain features which make it very strategic on an international-level. A tax corporate rate for corporations and individuals of 10% (allowing exemptions of up to 80% for trading and intangible assets operating companies) and a general indirect taxing of 4’5 % contribute to business initiatives and private consumption, encouraged by competitive prices.

Augé Grup puts its clients in contact with the new Andorra, a serious, transparent and attractive alternative, offering professionalism in all the services and needs that a company or individual may require, be it to start a new business, or to obtain a residency permit, real estate services and any other related services.

Pere Augé, born in 1964, holds a Law Degree and a Master in Tax Law from the Barcelona University. He is also a registered trademark agent.

He started practicing law in Barcelona at the Pinto Ruiz law firm between 1987 and 1993 after which he returned to his native Andorra.

He has been a practicing lawyer in Andorra since 1993 up to the present day, holding the position of Chairman of his own firm Augé Grup, S.A.U.

In 2004 he has founded TAX AG Andorra, specialized in tax services and YUAN CORPORATION to promote businesses between China and Andorra.

He was also the Chairman of the Trademark Agents Association in Andorra between 1996 and 2006.

He has been a board member of the Business Confederation of Andorra (CEA) and the vice-president of the Commission of International and Institutional Relations of the CEA since 2012.

Prominent proponent of the Invest With Andorra IWAND project, he holds an active role in promoting the new Andorran economic model, enabling the creation of different contacts and strengthening bonds with entrepreneurs worldwide. He has taken up certain actions with different collectives of entrepreneurs such as Foment del Treball Nacional in Barcelona, ESADE Creapolis in Sant Cugat del Vallès or PIMEC. Internationally he has given presentations on Andorra in the Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Russia and Spain and France, amongst others.
He has starred in various TV programs and talk shows in Catalunya (Spain) as well as taking part in Andorran Radio programs, attending regularly the “Ara i Aquí” program on economy led by Alex Lliteras.

He also collaborates as a columnist of the digital newspaper ARA.ad where he comments on the current economic and fiscal situation in Andorra.