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Andorra. Strategic location.

Where we are & what we do

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Andorra, strategically located between Spain and France, has historically based its great economic prosperity on a competitive model based on tourism, trade, construction and its capacity as an offshore financial center. The emergence of strong competition in the tourism sector, the relativization of the price differential, the global crisis in the financial and construction sectors and the international pressure to eliminate the offshore areas, have led to a significant decline of the classical model and the urgent need to create a new economic model.

Andorra.  Differential standardisation.

What we offer & what you can do

Fiscal Framework

Facilitate political and economic relations between Andorra and its neighbouring countries through the standardisation of the taxation framework.

The new fiscal frame.

• Taxpayers benefit from an 80% reduction on the tax base.
• Income tax for non-residents.
• The new law of general indirect tax IGI.
• Agreements on avoidance of double taxation, DTA.

Foreign Investment

Strategic tax platform has been created to attract foreign investment start-ups, create jobs & wealth that generate higher added value and growth.

100% liberalization.

In terms of Foreign Investment, a new Law 10/2012 was approved on the 21st of June 2012 which came into force on the 19th of July 2012.The Law permits 100% liberalization of investment in all sectors.

Immigration models

The minimum requirements for obtaining one of the three types of residency immigration without working actively in Andorra

3 new models of non-profit residency.

• Non-profit resident.

• Residency permits for professionals with an international outlook.

• Residency permits for reasons of scientific, cultural and sporting interests.

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Who is behind IWAND ?

Iwand is an outsourcing project and cooperation of the CEA (Confederation Andorra Entrepreneurs) with the intention of providing as much information about Andorra and its economic and fiscal environment, as well as attractive as country of residence and holiday destination.

We want this information collected for you by our experts will be helpful. In any case, if you want to expand any of the information described in sections of our website please contact us.



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